Coming of age
Growing old



When outswept arms were fighter planes
     And rulers flashing swords,
When cricket bats were tommy guns
     And ties garroting cords;

When wooden crates were rocket-ships
     And dustbin lids were shields,
When cans and string were telephones
     And back streets battlefields;

When benches in the park were tanks
     And tablecloths were tents,
When bamboo canes were Blackfoot bows
     And grown-ups made no sense;

When fallen trees were pirate ships
     And matches stolen toys,
We wished that we were full grown men —
     Who now wish we were boys.

Plagiarism is a filthy habit, and I must therefore plead guilty to appropriating and mangling a line and a half (and more than half the sentiment) of the above from ‘Childhood 1939-45’ by Mr. Michael Edwards, an Evesham poet.  His most recent collection of verse, ‘The Road O’er the Hill’, is published by the Vale of Evesham Historical Society and may be obtained by contacting them at The Almonry Heritage Centre, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4BG