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Five and a Bit

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      fully erect
  the average dick
stands at five and a
bit inches tall.  I have
no  information to  call on how thick such a hypothetical dick might sprawl; still, taking a rule of thumb and all, and adding a tad, robbing Peter for  Paul, allowing for over achievers in Gaul  and the pythons that lurk in   the  halls  of Nepal, ignoring what’s scrawled upon lavatory walls and omitting those eunuchs whose data appals, I submit.....having taken the matter in hand......upon measuring half an inch up from
the balls, this is it!

The median size of an errect human penis is 5.08 inches, if you believe that excellent periodical, New Scientist. Speaking personally, (and perhaps for a great many men) I am more than happy to believe them.