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Fifth-hand Bacon

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Not one in a thousand, forking their pork
In their mouths, could slaughter a Middle White;
We live at fifth-hand, for all of our talk—
Which of us, truly, could stomach the sight?

Roasted or frozen— when push comes to shove,
And ravenous remnants gather to meet,
We shall perish while preachers prate of His love,
Surrounded by plenty— with nothing to eat.

Middle Whites are a rare breed of pig which originated in the 1850's in Keighley in Yorkshire. White in colour with prick ears, they have a wide head and "squashed" face giving them a somewhat distinctive appearance. The Middle White produces succulent pork.  In Japan the Emperor is said to eat no other pork and a shrine has been dedicated in its honour.   Fifth hand?  Breed, slaughter and butcher, package, sell — finally eat.  I keep Middle Whites myself, but could no more slaughter one personally than I could fly to the moon.  But I can (and do!) eat them.