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Felix Dennis
August 18, 2013
Mandalay, Mustique
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Such foolishness, this feud,
Both ignorant and rude,
Your friends are in despair,
We stand in poisoned air,
Will you not lay aside
The sacks of wrath and pride
Now worn to stinking rags?
Dismast your tribal flags!
Your love lies at the root
Of what is in dispute,
What’s past is in the past—
Come now, clasp hands at last.

‘No names, no pack-drill’ as they say in the army, but what a fag it is when close friends, relatives, lovers or a married couple fall out—for the rest of us, that is! They are as happy as Larry marching about traducing the other party or maintaining a wounded silence that shrieks as loud as a banshee. Meanwhile, the rest of us must choose between the warring parties or watch our tongues while walking on eggshells, being careful to take no side while sifting carefully through social invitations. Get a life! It’s way too short for feuds!