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Fair Game

Felix Dennis
August 8, 2006
Mandalay, Mustique
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‘I’ve been promoted!’  ‘Have you lad?’
(And now he’ll lose what friends he had—
Not that it’s such a grievous loss—
It’s natural when you’re made a boss).

‘I’ll earn more money!’  ‘Aye, that’s true.
Well done my son.  We’re proud of you.’
(And now he’ll have to take the flak
While bastards stab him in the back).

‘Tom weren’t best pleased!’ ‘I’ll bet he weren’t!’
(And soon he’ll have his fingers burnt,
Workin’ all hours.  Aye, there’s the rub,
While all his mates are down the pub).

‘I’ve got an office!  Window, too!’
‘Well done, my son.  We’re proud of you.’
(Fair weather friends.  Who gives a toss.
It’s natural when you’re made a boss.)

The ability to fire another man or woman from their job is, perhaps, the most power that the majority of us ever acquire, outside of lovers and family.  With promotion, comes that power. The secret thoughts of the father or mother in the lines above are a hell of a lot more common than young people know.  Because with age, comes a different kind of power.  The power of experience.