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Executive Decisions

Felix Dennis
June 1, 2001
Soho, London
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The car stood in the driveway,
       The chauffeur at the gate;
I burst into her bedroom,
       My watch said I was late.

I thought to find her sleeping,
       To ‘kiss and run’ goodbye,
Instead, I found her towelling
       Her tangled hair awry.

She smelt of sleep and flowers,
       Her streaming flesh aglow.
My meetings were important;
       Her towel moved to and fro...

The car and chauffeur waited,
       While up in London town
Executive decisions
       Were made as we lay down.

But not often enough.  Not a damn sight often enough!  Three quarters of all the meetings I have rushed to attend in my business career have proved a waste of time.  Make that nine tenths.  Who in their right mind would leave the arms of a beloved to join a bunch of puffed up bullfrogs croaking in unison?  Lord knows I have spent far too many hours of my life wasting my own and my colleague’s time in pointless ‘meetings’.  Hold all meetings standing up!  Better still, don’t hold them!