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‘Even in this 21st century...’

Felix Dennis
November 14, 2004
Soho, London
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Even in this 21st century,
What exactly have we learned: we, who export
The dreary threats of our democracy
To any who conspire not to be taught?
What have we done when children raise their fist
And suck at martyr's milk while at the breast;
When legions now are labelled terrorist
Who in their hearts believe themselves oppressed?

I am no pacifist— yet History shows
That all invasions suffocate the heart
Of the invader; that crushing blows,
(No matter what their motive at the start)
Have ever been repaid in kind— unless
We kill them all— and we cannot kill them all,
Nor would we survive such recklessness;
Nor can we make the whole wide world a wall,
Nor can we thunder down like Mongol hordes
Chastising the unrighteous as they flee;
The world is ruled by commerce, not be swords.
Here in this 21st century
When enemies of our enemies are slight,
Why saddle up the mare, Theocracy?
We do not ride the world, by right or might:
He’s just a cart-horse, Old Democracy.