Life Lessons


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I wish you enough of a summer sun’s measure
  To savour an apple tree’s shade,
Enough of the mischief of youth and its pleasure
  For silence when others have strayed.

I wish you enough of the wisdom of learning
  To challenge the truths of the wise,
Enough of the road and a vagabond’s yearning
  To wander and wear out your eyes.

I wish you enough of the madness of wooing
  As lusting and loving collide,
Enough of the blindness that shadows pursuing
  To bind you as passions subside.

I wish you enough of your getting and giving
  To fathom the value of both,
Enough of betrayal to grasp that forgiving
  Annuls any promise or oath.

I wish you enough of the kindness of others
  To temper the powers you wield,
Enough of the love of your sisters and brothers
  To barter your blade for a shield.

I wish you enough of the healing of laughter
  To bury each grief in its day,
Enough of forbearance, both here and hereafter,
  To wink at each dragon you slay.

I wish you enough of this life’s Bacchanalia
  To swallow the sweet with the rough,
To gorge on the glories of triumph—and failure!
  Until your heart whispers: ‘Enough!’