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England, 2010

Felix Dennis
April 8, 2010
Mandalay, Mustique
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Misery now, for those who care to think,
We fools, whose lidless eyes are half asleep.
A fevered guilt has brought us to the brink
Of sick decay, while wretches bid us leap
To expiate the sins which they alone
May measure in the balance of their shame.
Nor may we comfort children not our own
Lest we be labeled villains: ‘Take his name!’
Crass servants of the state thus master those
Whose tithing swells their pensions to the brim,
Mere citizens must cower from their blows;
The world is upside down, misruled by whim.
  That mite we set aside for Welfare’s plight,
  Now breeds gross parasites of sullen spite.