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‘Deceit snares the deceiver. . .’

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Deceit snares the deceiver
No less than those deceived,
Liar and believer,
Giver and receiver,
Impartial as a fever,
It s purpose is achieved:
When good men pause
To settle scores,
Or plead their cause
By quoting laws;
When trust withdraws
It’s head indoors;
When conscience snores
On tyrant’s floors
And faith is left bereaved.

Belief salves the believer,
No less than those believed,
Giver and receiver,
Acolyte or diva,
Implacable as Shiva,
Its purpose is achieved:
When heroes rise
In coward’s guise,
To steel their eyes
At fear and lies;
When weak men prize
Deceit’s demise;
When love defies
What guile denies
And justice stands reprieved.