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Dark Matter

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‘What is matter?’
       ‘Never mind.’
‘What is mind?’
‘No matter.’

‘What’s the Big Bang?’
       ‘Dust aligned.’
‘Dust that went

‘Scattered, aye, in
‘What of the

‘Is He just a
Is God dead?’
       ‘No data!’

‘Why do stars flee?’
       ‘No-one knows.’
‘Are black holes
       a bubble?’

‘The universe just
       grows and grows.
Read your Planck
       and Hubble!’

‘Has it got
       no boundary?’
‘No less than
       your chatter.’

‘What’s dark matter?’
       ‘Pardon me?’
‘Never mind.’
       ‘No matter!’

‘The universe has no boundary. (The use of the singular is deliberate.)”  Prof. Stephen Hawking, choosing the words to appear on a representation of his laptop computer for a bronze statue of himself commissioned by the author and created by Steven Gregory in 1999.