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Christian Soldiers

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Sheath your prick of conscience, vicar,
  Christian soldiers march to war!
Bless them quickly, less the flicker
  Fails, and faith should dim once more.

’Ware the lies of Doubting Thomas,
  Children of the Book and sword!
Infidels are come upon us!
  Loose the dogs and praise the Lord!

Hold aloft the fiery crosses,
  Voice the songs our forbears sung:
Mothers, never count thy losses,
  Duty bids you hold your tongue.

Cease this namby-pampy prattle,
  Vengeance now must be the law;
Gird thy loins, prepare for battle!
  Christian soldiers march to war!

Marching on to shame and glory,
  Marching as we marched before;
Chanting out the same old story —
  Yet more wars to end all war.