A Poet Writes His Will

A Nursery Rhyme to be Read to Each Beneficiary of The Will
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A poet writes his will—absurd!
He digs a grave with every word,
Though Villon did it twice, I’ve heard.
God Bless the Child.

I’m sorry if I left you out,
(A little can be worse than nowt),
I’ve mucked it up—I do not doubt.
God Bless the Child.

To some a bomb, to some a bone,
And yet, as Billie used to moan,
‘God bless the child that’s got its own.’
God Bless the Child.

I gave the trees the most, you see—
If I’ve upset you, c’est la vie!
You’re so much better off than me!
God Bless the Child.

François Villon (1431? - 1463?) One of the great French lyric poets. A thief (and worse) who spent much of his time in prison or in banishment, he wrote two ‘wills’ in matchless verse: Le Lais or Le Petit Testament (known in English as The Legacy) and Le Grand Testament.

Billie Holiday (1915 -1959) was an American Jazz singer. One of her most famous songs (written in collaboration with Arthur Herzog Jr. in 1939) was ‘God Bless The Child’.