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A Digital Prayer

Apple Computer Power Macintosh G4 Cube, Keyboard Reg No. KYØ 3612L8JXW Thanks Its Maker On the Anniversary of Binary
Felix Dennis
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Zero One, Zero One, Zero One.

Praise the Creator...the source of our data.

Every line that we process is binary.
Code that we cherish
will perish
in time
as we
our memory...

Ah, men.”

On New Years Day 2001,  a computer literate friend of mine mentioned that this was the ultimate ‘binary date’.  Apparently all computers work on a binary system that reduces complex human instructions to a binary code which uses the digits 0 and 1 to represent any character, digit or letter.

As Christmas can thereforecome only once in a thousand years for computers — I wrote a prayer for them allowing them to thank their creator.