A day of glistening optimism is upon us as we launch the new Felix Dennis Foundation website. In a challenging time for the arts, we are determined to honour the legacy of the great Felix Dennis and welcome you all with open arms (metaphorically speaking of course).

We have seen over the past few months how important it is that the neglected, unheard voices in society are given the platform they deserve. With the Black Lives Matter movement; creative industries underfunded; and minority groups disproportionately affected by coronavirus, it is more important than ever that foundations like ours rise up to represent and empower a new wave of creative individuals.

The ability to express yourself freely is powerful. We passionately advocate the literary arts and this portal will enable you to savour Felix’s work as well as champion the poets and writers of today.

Felix penned more than 2000 poems and a dozen poetry collections in his time. He was admired for his ability to write profound poetry about simple, natural things. As a member you can access Felix’s library, a digital archive of his poetry - including his unpublished work and by-invitation-only events.

This website embodies our shared mission to advocate and promote public appreciation of literary arts throughout the world. By celebrating the work of a man who penned his first poem on a Post-It note aged 54, his 13-year love affair with the written word will now be matched by a new beginning for the Foundation that we hope will inspire many future generations to come.

Far more than being a famous publisher with a storied history, Felix was an immensely generous soul and fitting that his legacy serves to promote the poets, writers and artists supported by the Foundation.

We are thrilled to invite you to discover the poetry and prose of Felix.