The Poetry of
Felix Dennis

Welcome to the Felix Dennis Foundation, an organisation dedicated to showcasing and sharing the poetic works of the late Felix Dennis - Sixties rebel, business tycoon, bon vivant, philanthropist, poet. With 11 best-selling volumes of poetry, and legendary ‘Did I Mention The Free Wine?’ one-man poetry tours delighting thousands around Britain and beyond, Felix was one of the most popular British poets of the last three decades. Here for the first time all of his 2,000 poems are available digitally for free for all to enjoy.

Painting of Felix DennisIllustration of Felix Dennis
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We champion the work of modern-day poets and writers as well as the late Felix Dennis to educate and inspire people from across the globe.
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February 1, 2022

We've launched!

Our Literary Executors give their thoughts on the official launch of the Foundation.

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